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The staff at IMED Hospitals comprises over 1,200 dedicated professionals who strive daily to deliver the finest care to all our patients.


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IMED Internantional Hospitals is a private health group settled on the Spanish Mediterranean Coast. Nowadays it has 4 general hospitals (Benidorm, Elche, Valencia and Gandia) and two polyclinics (Teulada and Torrevieja) and an oncological radiotherapy center (Murcia).

The human team of IMED Hospitals is formed by more than 1,200 professionals that every day make an effort to give the best service to all of our patients.

Our centers have the most advanced technological means to provide a highlevel health attention based on Medical Innovation.

Here are the key principles that define the philosophy of IMED Hospitals:

  • Selecting distinguished professionals for our medical team. Possessing our unique group of experts sets us apart in private healthcare. This choice enables us to maintain a skilled team, seasoned and aligned with the management style and philosophy of the organization.
  • Comprehensive and individual medical support, equipped with the latest technologies for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment. We offer the most advanced technological solutions available. Our buildings and facilities promote an intelligent flow and enhance the well-being of individuals. The goal is to minimize the extent to which patients feel they are in a hospital while providing the best response to their health needs.

IMED Methodolody

Rooted in our distinct philosophy, IMED Hospitals have recognized the evolution of private healthcare in recent years. People are increasingly proactive in managing their health, possessing more knowledge and making more decisions. Patient care extends beyond treating illnesses to include focusing on prevention, lifestyle habits, quality of assistance, and overall well-being.

Society’s approach to medicine and citizenship has evolved, demanding more predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory care. The care model provided by IMED Hospitals aligns with this modern approach to health management.

Patient satisfaction and swift service are among the indicators validating the success of the model employed by the IMED Hospitals group.

About our history

The origins of the group trace back to Benidorm, where Levante Hospital (now IMED Levante) was inaugurated in June 2004 in response to the high demand for private healthcare services in Marina Baixa. The center quickly achieved significant activity levels, becoming a benchmark for private healthcare in the province. Encouraged by this success, the decision was made to promote the development of a hospital group in the eastern region.

In 2009, Levante Hospital was renamed IMED Levante Hospital, marking the beginning of an expansion for the group. That same year saw the opening of IMED Teulada, a polyclinical center that provides a broad spectrum of specialties, imaging diagnostics, physiotherapy, and emergency services in the northern part of the province.

By late 2011, IMED had become the most prominent hospital group in the province of Alicante with the launch of their second hospital in Elche. Until then, the third-largest city in the Valencian Community lacked a top-tier private healthcare facility. In February 2014, the polyclinic IMED Torrevieja started operations, following the model established by Teulada. This facility extended IMED’s services to the southern part of the province of Alicante, completing the coverage in that area.

In 2017, the group inaugurated its flagship, IMED Valencia Hospital. The establishment of IMED in the Valencian capital marked the success of a healthcare model that originated and flourished locally, expanding through the dedication of our staff. This stable project, which looks to the future, has successfully navigated the challenges it faced throughout its history.

Technological focus

IMED International Hospitals was a pioneer among private hospital groups in implementing the online clinical record system.

The group has recently made further advancements towards achieving a «paperless hospital.» All patients have access to a private area where they can view their medical reports and test results from our facilities. Additionally, they can schedule appointments via this platform and view the availability of doctors’ schedules.

In 2016, IMED received recognition at the IMTJ Awards for the Best Use of Technology in Health Tourism.

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